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Why China banned UC Browser from Chinese Android App Stores ?

The app could not be downloaded on Android app stores operated by major Chinese phone makers Huawei, Xiaomi Corp, and Vivo as of Tuesday afternoon. It was still available on Apple Inc's app store. Hu

UC Browser among 59 Chinese Apps banned By Indian Govt.

UC browser which is one of the famous browsers used in India. It has 500 million-plus downloads on Playstore. The Indian government has banned 58 other Chinese apps which include TikTok and Shein. Her

Govt to ban 59 Chinese apps including TikTok as border tensions rises

As tensions along the border continue, the Government of India has decided to ban Chinese apps diverting data and those with privacy issues. Government will be announcing a ban on 59 such Chinese apps

Best Chinese Apps Alternatives in 2020

In recent years, the Indian app market has been taken over by Chinese apps. At present, most of the top-charting apps on the Play Store have Chinese Company behind them. Many experts claim that Chines