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How OnePlus Unleashing the Power of Virtualization?

Virtualization, at its core, is the process of creating a virtual instance or representation of physical resources, such as servers, storage, or operating systems. By abstracting these resources, virt

Unveiling the killer flagship Trinity Engine

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, manufacturers are constantly pushing boundaries to enhance user experiences. One groundbreaking technological advancement making waves in the smartphone indu

OnePlus Nord 3 specifications & price leaked

OnePlus may also want to retain the alert slider on the Nord 3. The slider helps users seamlessly toggle between loud and silent audio modes. OnePlus removed the slider on some of its phone's budget p

OnePlus 2.0: OxygenOS and ColorOS to unify into a suitable OS starting 2022

One Plus is reworking on the Oxygen OS. It is being destroyed in favour of a suitable operating system that is going to combine the codebase of Oppo's Colour OS and Oxygen OS.  This announcem

OnePlus to launch a dedicated theme store with OxygenOS 12

OnePlus users will soon get a dedicated theme store on their smartphones with the OxygenOS 12 update really soon. Android has always been about high customizability and though OxygenOS offers cus

OnePlus Halts OxygenOS Rollout for OnePlus 8, 8 Pro Due to Data Wipe and Other Issues

OxygenOS rollout has been halted by OnePlus as some serious issues have come up following its release on Saturday. The OxygenOS update was meant for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro and was suppos

OnePlus Unveils HydrogenOS 11 With New Features, Design Changes Showing What to Expect From OxygenOS 11

Recently, OnePlus has announced its latest Android 11-based HydrogenOS in China. HydrogenOS is a user interface for OnePlus smartphones and it contains loads of new features, design changes, and impro