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Xiaomi patents a smartphone design with surround display and pop-up cameras

Last year, Xiaomi shocked the world by unveiling Mi MIX Alpha, a concept smartphone with a surround display. This device never made into mas-production and therefore, it did not hit th

Xiaomi Patents New Smartphone Design Which Is Disruptive, Unique: Key Highlights

Xiaomi is on its way to file yet another patent for a smartphone with a new design. The company’s flagship phone has been revealed through the patent, which will reportedly come with rounded

Xiaomi patents a smartphone with a thunderbolt camera module design

Xiaomi has recently patented a new smartphone with a unique camera design. The patent showcases a handset with a camera module that has a thunderbolt like design on the rear of the device

Xiaomi patents a design for 3D smartphone

There have been multiple 3D smartphones in the past, however, none of them took off. Hence, major companies did not try investing in it. But now, out of the blue, Xiaomi has patented a desi

Xiaomi patents a Z fold foldable smartphone design

Xiaomi is expected to launch its first foldable device in 2021. Obviously, it shouldn't be looking like this patented design. Along with the launch of its first-ever foldable smartphone, Xiaomi might

Xiaomi patents wirelessly chargeable TWS earbuds accessory

The patented design will likely support Xiaomi TWS earbuds only as every true wireless earphone differs in how that can be charged. Xiaomi has recently patented a smartphone accessory that attaches to

Xiaomi patents a Foldable, pop-up selfie camera, clam-shell phone design

Xiaomi’s patent clamshell design-featuring foldable phone received approval from WIPO. The patent application was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Xiaomi appears t