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Week Rewind 81: Last Week in a Quick Snap

Week Rewind 81, you will get all the quick rewinds of last week, including hot topics and new innovations. Last week from  15th August 2022 to 21st August 2022, was a wonderful week in terms of a

How To Edit Videos As a Beginner

You have probably shot the best video and the clips are aesthetically pleasing too. But the real game-changer is the editing process. This not only requires you to have technical knowl

Best Minecraft Seed for Better Loot

Minecraft is a block-based game developed by Mojang (Minecraft Java Edition), and Microsoft (Minecraft Bedrock Edition). It's been almost over 10 years since the release of Minecraft but still, many

How to Play Minecraft For Free on Browser Easily

Minecraft game is developed by Mojang is a block-based building and survival game. Since the release of Minecraft, it has gain immense popularity, Minecraft also has a vast community consisting of man

Best Easy Minecraft Iron Farm Top List

Minecraft is one of the most played games in the world. Players love the building mechanism and survival. Minecraft lets the player open its vast creativity to build anything which he or she can think

How to detect & remove Android virus from your device

Android Malware Android is arguably one of the best-operating systems in the world. This operating system is very popular among people with 80% market share. On the other hand, hackers have also be