Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Video Game Developers are becoming Netflix for gaming, E3 2019

Subscription services have become the talk of E3 2019. As it is seen game developers and console makers are looks to shift...

Easy Way to Backup Photos in Google Photos

Google photos is one of the best photos backup service out there. I personally use Google Photos to backup all my photos...

Ubisoft Watch Dogs Legion launches on 6th March 2020

Watch Dog Legion, the third series of Watch Dogs will be released on 6th March 2020. The Whole series is based on...

Ubisoft game subscription service UPlay Plus for PC announced at E3

Rather than selling the gaming title to each gamer separately. Game development companies are moving to game subscription business. Ubisoft announced their...

The Biggest Trade war in history- USA v/s China

A Trade is war going on between the USA and China. Trump (US's President) was looking on the Chinese business tactics since...

Google’s Stadia, Cloud gaming service, Available Games

Google announced the launch date and pricing of its new Cloud-based gaming service Stadia. This gaming service is coming in November. Which...