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Samsung Fingerprint IC Chip SoC Announced

Samsung has revealed what it calls the" assiduity's first" each-by-one point security chip (IC) for payment cards. The S3B512C chip reads biometric information via a point detector, stores and auth

Xiaomi Patents An All-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

Lately, from the Chinese public patent database, one bigwig from China has revealed that Xiaomi was lately awarded the patent of a new point surveying technology, which allows the stoner to be suitabl

Qualcomm to launch a second-gen ultrasonic sensor for upcoming phones

Qualcomm has now come out with its second-gen 3D Sonic Sensor which according to the stats revealed boasts tremendous improvement over the existing gen-1 sensors. These 3D Sonic Sensors were first dev

Huawei patents fullscreen fingerprint scanner unlock for smartphones

Huawei has filed a patent for all-screen fingerprint unlock technology that would require smartphone users to just tap anywhere on the display to unlock their phones. Unfortunately,

Xiaomi claims big leap forward in-display fingerprint sensors with IPS-LCD display

With Redmi accomplishing this technological breakthrough, we can doubtlessly see greater lower-priced LCD smartphones launch with in-display fingerprint sensors in the close to future. Xiaomi sub-bran