Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users report issues with images

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have had a problem loading images, videos and other data today. Some people are unable to load media...

The Biggest Trade war in history- USA v/s China

A Trade is war going on between the USA and China. Trump (US's President) was looking on the Chinese business tactics since...

New Cryptocurrency by Facebook may launch this month

Facebook is going to announce its new Cryptocurrency maybe the end of this month. Facebook's employees who work on the project, so-called...

7 Mobile apps that Android users download more than iPhone users

There is an app for everything and every task. Some of the most downloaded Android apps are not the most powerful among...

Facebook in danger again | Apps sending data to Facebook?

It seems that Facebook is going to be in danger again. The news of facebook breach is still on air and an organisation accused...

WhatsApp updated ‘ Delete for Everyone ‘ feature

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has updated the 'Recipient limit' of its 'delete for everyone' feature. Launched earlier this year, the much-awaited ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature allows...