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Week Rewind 74: Last Week in a Quick Snap

Week Rewind 74, you will get all the quick rewinds of last week, including hot topics and new innovations. Last week from 27th June 2022 to 3rd July 2022,  was a wonderful week in terms of a

How to Share Wi-Fi Password Between Android Phone and Chromebook

Google is trying to make our Chromebooks and Android phones more and more compatible, like now it's possible to view photos from your Android phone on your Chromebook similarly with the notifications

How to view photos from your Android phone on chromebook

To offer new features as quickly as possible, Google has announced a new release cycle for Chrome OS. A reliable Chrome OS upgrade with new tools and features will now be delivered to you every four w

How to Share Wifi Password between Chromebooks and Android Phones

Google is working hard to close the gap between Chromebooks and Android devices in order to build its own ecosystem. It's fantastic, for instance, that you can now easily see images from your Android

Hp Chromebook 11a launches in India

With the launch of the new Pavilion laptops which consist of 11th gen intel CPUs, the company HP has launched its new chrome book 11a  in India which is specially designed for students. It has

Pixel 6 is going to be powered by a chipset made by Google

About a year ago, rumors about google developing its chipset to utilize in pixel phones and as well in Chromebooks. It was claimed that Google and Samsung are in partnership to build a custom Exynos c

Best Tablet under ₹ 30000 in India

In today’s world of work from domestic and on-line classes, having a tablet is pretty essential. Now, if you are searching for the Best Tablet below 30000 Rupees in India, we will be satisfied t