Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T devices will recieve OxygenOS update

Smartphone maker OnePlus has started the process of rolling out system updates OTA. The updates are available on both OnePlus 6 and...

New Exciting Android Q Features that you should know

Android is the most used Mobile OS from Google. Last year we had Android P (9.0) which comes with a lot of...

Google Assistant Voice Commands for better Multitasking

Google wants to deliver the best user experience when it comes to smart home devices and virtual assistants. for which it introduces its new...

Amazing Top Android App to Download

Android is a wide platform. There are many Applications and Games that are available on the Google Play Store. We sometimes get confused to...

Top 5 Most Innovative Android phones 2018

The Android we seen now has come a very long way since it is launched. Which is just a USD $50 million industry acquired...

Android vs iOS, Android Pie is superior than Apple iOS 12

With the launch of new iPhones Xs and Google Pixel devices this year, that’s not even necessarily the biggest Apple vs Google showdown this...