Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Here are the Phones that will get Android Q

Android Q will be rolling out very soon, and Google has released a couple of Android Q betas for the Pixel Phones....

Android Q Features Some Top Which You Should Not Miss

Android Q Beta has been released by Google. This new version of Android comes with tonnes of new improvements over Android P....

Android Q Beta 1 launched by Google available on Nexus

Google today launched Android Q, beta 1. Its is available for download. To download it check the link given at the end...

New Exciting Android Q Features that you should know

Android is the most used Mobile OS from Google. Last year we had Android P (9.0) which comes with a lot of...

Android Q get major makeover – here all you need to...

Google is taking its sweet time to reveal the latest Android distribution figures. But they are not stopping here, with the Android...