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Hacking verified accounts a new exploit for crypto scammers

Intrigued by the investment advice, and the eagerness to earn quick money led Kasbe to enquire about the lucrative deal. “She (Sonali) said it is pretty simple. You just have to change your em

IMA Twitter Accounts Hacked

The Twitter accounts of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Mann Deshi Mahila Bank (a microfinance bank), and the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) were addressed on 2 January. The incident com

BGMI 25 Lakh Accounts Banned

Battlefield Mobile India (BGMI) inventor Krafton has said that it has banned 25 lakh accounts permanently or temporarily in a roughly 40- day time frame. The move is aimed at eradicating infidelity an

BGMI 140,000 Accounts Ban !

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has announced strict countermeasures for illegal programs and activities affecting the sport. Developer Krafton said it's banned over 140,000 accounts every week

RockYou2021 world’s largest password leaked online with 8.4 billion entries

A list of leaked passwords discovered on a hacker forum may be one of the largest such collections of all time. A 100GB text file leaked by a user on a popular hacker forum contains 8.4 billion p