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ONDC Partners Google Cloud To Boost Ecommerce Using Generative AI

Google Cloud’s Duet AI-powered ONDC seller app will allow businesses to generate images, descriptions, and more with just a few clicks to improve the visibility of their products.

RBI asking firms to not save customers’ card details said to hit e-commerce

Industry executives say that even if sure card networks, banks, and retailers are ready, making sure that the strategies are completely built-in system-wide and are seamless can take m

Zomato Exiting Grocery Business !

Food ordering platform "Zomato", whose Rs 9,375 crore IPO opened on July 14, had planned to launch a grocery section on its app. The company also invested USD 100 million (around Rs 745 crore) for o

Zomato Pro Plus Exclusive Membership Offers Unlimited “Free” Delivery

The design can also continue to be in constrained circulation in the close to future, which shows Zomato Either you are trying out a mannequin the place consumer subscriptions can offset the elevated

Zomato 'leaks' "confidential" marketing WhatsApp chat in mailer campaign

The mailer is a satirical take on conversations between the marketing team and the rest of the company. In this ‘leaked’ WhatsApp chat, we can read how the CEO, the marketing team, the gro