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Breification B26: Russia’s Sberbank launches GigaChat, Rival of ChatGPT

It is learned that Sberbank is banking on GigaChat’s image generation capabilities, something which is currently spearheaded by OpenAI’s DALL-E image generator. GigaChat has been reportedl

Moscow Introduced Pay by Face System !

The Moscow Metro on Friday rolled out what authorities have touted as the world’s first chow payment system grounded on facial recognition technology. The cashless, cardless, and phone-less s

Microsoft Detects COVID-19 Vaccine cyber attacks by Russia, North Korea hackers

Microsoft has not revealed the name of the targets. But it has revealed that all these companies are either involved in vaccine trial or developing a Covid-19 test etc. Chinese state-backed hackers ha

Top 13 Android Viruses 2020

The research revealed by Trend Micro’s that mobile viruses attack is on its peak which is riskiest for android mobiles. According to a security vendor survey most of the mobiles are infected in