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Google Play Pass launched in India | Access to many Apps and Games

We have seen Games Pass that let the users to have access to variety of games at lower prices, one such example is XBox Game Pass. Similar concept is now being followed by Google for Google Play St

Honor files patents with a rollable smartphone with a wrap-around display

However, Honor Magic Fold, some reviews point out that the supposed debut of the smartphone has been moved to a later date due to the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Honor’s foldable mobile p

How to Install Apps outside Google Play Store in Android

The major security feature on Android devices is that users are not allowed to install apps from outside the Google Play Store. But, still, there are some amazing apps that are available outside the G

Top 5 Best Screen Recording Apps for Android

Some of the brand smartphones already come with a built-in screen recorder but some of them still lack some advanced features. The pre-built screen recorder in the system does not let you adjust the f

Android malware spreads by creating automatic replies to messages on WhatsApp

The “wormable” malware, which means that it can spread by itself, could spread further via malicious links and could even extort users by threatening to send sensitive WhatsApp data or con

See how much Google Play Store is safe for Android Phones, a shocking report apps with 67% malwares

It was also noted that between 10 and 24% of user devices come across at least one unwanted app. Lastly, the research points out that app distribution via commercial PPI services on Android is signifi

Google Play User's Choice Awards 2020, Voting for Games, Apps, More

Google Play has brought back the Users' Choice Awards for 2020 as we prepare to enter the last month of the year. Just like last year, the technology company is allowing users to vote for the best ap

Googlefier lets you easily install Google apps on Huawei and Honor devices

It is a known fact that HUAWEI and HONOR smartphones launched after the US ban do not ship with GMS (Google Mobile Services). Instead, they come with the company’s own HMS (HUAWEI Mobile Service

Google starts to Plan Increased Push for Apps to Give Cut of In-App Purchases

When Google’s updated guidelines are implemented, major developers currently not in compliance will be given time to update their apps and are unlikely to be immediately removed, according to th

Play Store Banned 25 apps: Evina claims these apps could potentially Hack user credentials via Facebook

Google has deleted 25 apps from the Play Store for security reasons. These apps were accused of stealing users' Facebook data. This information was given to the company by French cybersecurity firm E