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Upcoming Applications, Challenges, Need of Security And Future Scopes of Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Constructively, ‘availability' is an integral component that influences the overall performance of IoT [2]. As the net continues to evolve, it has emerged as extra than a easy community of compu

Top 5 ways to Run Your Startup Efficiently Without Breaking the Banks

The journey of a startup entrepreneur is daunting, with challenges like resource constraints and stiff competition making life tough. You cannot imagine sustenance and growth without embracing technol

Apple Shot on iPhone is Live Globally!

Apple has just released a macro print. “Taken with iPhone “The challenge for 2022. As always, Apple encourages shutterbugs, amateurs, and professionals to submit stylish macro photograp

GOW 18: Games of the Week

As of India is trying to launch its first self-reliant, indigenous games and developers where basically the Indian will develop & launch the gaming apps globally. Users have g

Amazon Alexa Dangerous Challenge Are Out

Amazon's popular virtual assistant, Alexa is not developed to risk human lives but over the weekend that's what it did. Recently a news story came out in which a 10-year old girl tou

Develop Video Conferencing App and Get 1 Crore From Indian Govt.

As we know, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we all are home stayed and are being encouraged to work