Facebook Data Theft

Facebook will be paying people to monitor how they use their smartphone. To do this you need to download this Android app called Study. This app will monitor all the apps that are installed on your phone, the time you spent using these apps, the country you are in and additional apps data.

Facebook said they won’t see any specific content like messages, password and website you visit. But as per the past, some of us might not believe this. Though keeping the past things in past, Facebook has come up with an App called Study.

This clearly indicates Facebook still wants to know how people use their phones. But this time keeping their privacy at the highest priority. To ensure that Facebook will be allowing those people who are above 18.

Payment System and Verification

Users who have interest in enrolling to study App must have a PayPal Account. PayPal will be there as the payment method for this Study App.

Rest as we mentioned Facebook will be allowing users above 18. This thing will be achieved by matching users data from their Facebook Accounts.

Facebook hasn’t mentioned how much people will be getting. But at the same time, a blog statement comes as “all research participants are compensated.” You can not directly sign up into this program. Facebook will be targeting the audience through Ads. As of now, it will be launching in the US and India. There is no official statement on the amount people will get. It’s still a mystery.

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