Last year we were amazed by the performance of Flagship killer chipset Snapdragon 835 which is based on 10nm architecture has a performance to a next level.

So for next year, Qualcomm has something more interesting.
This year Qualcomm has announced their latest chip Snapdragon 845 which has a performance boost over last year’s Chipset Snapdragon 835.
Since both of them are based on same architecture i.e 10nm but 845 has slightly increased clock speeds, GPU boost(30%), efficient Image Processing Unit etc.
Main Highlights of the chipset are as :-
1. Spectra 280.
Spectra 280 supports upto 16MP with 60 fps 4K video recording.
2. Adreno 630
Adreno 630 has a performance boost of upto 30 % as compared to adreno 540, now gaming graphics has increased.
3. New WIFI ‘ad’ standard which will provide more coverage and speed.
4. Kyro 385 processor
Snapdragon 845 has two clusters one clocked at 2.8ghz (4 Cores) which is performance beast and other cluster clocked at 1.9ghz (4 cores).
5. Thanks to hexagon 685 which is going to provide 10bit colour sensing for camera which will enhance the picture quality and video capturing.
6. Now there is a separate SPU (Secure Processing Unit) which will sperately store biometric information and will provide increased performance in security.


7. Thanks to Adreno 630, Snapdragon 845 will support display quality upti 4K At 60Fps.

8. Quick charge 4 technology
Due to Quick charge 4, Qualcomm says this will charge the phone upto 50% in just 15 mins of charge.

-> Next year we are going to see this new beast in action in several flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S9, Redmi Mi 7 etc

You can read more : Here