Qualcomm is always a way ahead in research and development field. Qualcomm always tries to be at the top in providing better performance to mobile devices. Last year we have many new mid-range devices processors, such as snapdragon 636 which is a decent processor. This year Qualcomm releases Snapdragon 710 Processor which can provide a massive improvement to mid-range devices.

There are various aspects onto which performance of new Snapdragon 710 can be estimated such as, architecture, ISP (Image Signal Processing), Modem etc, let’s have a brief idea about the performance of this processor on each point.

    1. Architecture:
      Snapdragon 710 is based on newest 10 nm technology which will provide a good performance and will reduce the power consumption to a greater extent.
    2. Modem:
      Snapdragon 710 is having an X15 modem that will provide a Download speed of 800Mbps and Upload Speed of 150mbps, this is a huge bump in transfer speeds over a cellular network.
    3. CPU:
      Snapdragon 710 has the all-new Kryo 3
      60 based processor having 8 Cores that can be clocked at a maximum speed of 2.2 GHz.
    4. GPU:
      GPU is the most important part of a mobile device as all the graphics which you see on your screen is generated by GPU. Snapdragon 710 has Adreno 616 which a significant boost over the last year top mid-range processor Snapdragon 660.
      Adreno 616 can support display up to Quad HD+.
    5. ISP (Image Signal Processor):
      This processor is having the new Spectra 250 ISP which can support

      • 32 MP single camera
      • Dual Camera support for MP count up to 20MP
      • Provides Zero Shutter Lag
      • Electronic Image Stabilization
      • Video Recording up to Ultra HD 4K at 30 fps
      • Full HD  Video recording at 120 fps

Snapdragon 710 is a full packed performance beast, this processor is going to change the scenario of mid-range devices and provide a flagship like performance. Above listed points are some major points that someone may look while judging the performance but there are many more things that can be taken into account such as Bluetooth 5.0 support that will provide a speed up to 2 Mbps moreover, there are various security support which will be provided by this processor and it also supports Quick Charge 4.0.

Let’s see how this is going to a performance in real life, whether it will perform the same as it is on the paper or even better. You can Read more in details on Qualcomm’s Official Site Here.

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