Smartphone Battery are our main focus point Before purchasing any smartphone we always consider to look for its capacity. Everyone is looking for the smartphone battery size more than 4000mAh. Depending  on how you use your smartphone, according to manufacture they claim that an average smartphone battery usually last for 15-18 hours. Actually lots of other things are responsible for the drain for your smartphone battery quickly.

1. Background Apps

Unwanted applications running in background can drain your smartphone battery quickly in no time. So force kill not required application from settings. Moreover, background apps can hamper your smartphone’s performance, to boost up your performance visit here.

2. Wi-Fi

Well, when we used the wi-fi and not using it further longer then turn it off. Because as the wifi is not connected and remains on, it keep searching for available Wi-Fi networks to connect. This may drain your Smartphone Battery as the wi-fi keeps on working and overheating the phone.

3. Bright Screen

This is the main reason why smartphone battery does not last longer. If you phones brightness is set too high then it will zap you smartphone battery in couple of hours, also damage the battery’s life. Best is to keep the  screen brightness to low or set it to automatic, so the phone can adapt according to light. This will save a lots of battery’s power and optimize the screen brightness.

4. Battery saving Apps

This one is the most important reason for smartphone battery drain. There are lots of apps available on Google’s play store, claims to increase battery’s life. For good, never ever install battery saving apps. They are not saving the battery, they are actually draining the battery’s power and lowering the battery’s life. They force the system to close app, which increases the load on smartphone.

5. GPS based  Apps

Some apps ask for permission to use GPS. Constantly using of Google maps, can also drain your battery. We all need GPS service for our smartphone, but make sure you are not heating up the system. Always disable the GPS service from setting when you are  not using any GPS enable app.

6. Heavy Gaming

We all love games and addicted to them, but keep in mind its just a smartphone. if you keep playing heavy games on your smartphone, then you may end up with damaging your battery’s life. Heavy games take lots of resources to process and give quality experience. Which takes lots of battery’s power to process these resources. So play games but don’t get sick of it.

7. Outdated Operating System

Always keep your smartphone’s OS up to date. As with new release of update smartphone’s manufacturers releases some bug fixes and improvements. These bug fix can be related to system overheating and battery issues. On Android phone Android N optimize the battery  performance. So if you are  running older OS, then update it soon.

8. Notification

As you phone vibrate on every new notification. Which may affect battery’s life. Simply turn off this to save your battery.

9. Hardware Problem

If you check all the apps and steps mention above, but still facing the issue. Then this may be an hardware issue, which is causing battery drain. Take your phone to its service center and discuss that issue with them.

10. Damaged Battery

If your device is a couple of years old or more, then the most obvious reason behind battery draining is a damaged battery. Smartphone manufacturers often say that a battery should perform well for up to 1000 charges. Its Simply natural death of your smartphones battery. so take it to service centre.


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