PUBG mobile Prime Pro

PUBG Mobile has gained a lot of popularity in a very short amount of time. Every month, Tencent is adding new cool features to the game. Recently, they have added the Prime and Prime Plus subscription in the game. The main motto behind these subscriptions is to allow users to purchase items inside the game using the Battle Points (BP). At the same time, both the subscriptions allow users to earn Unknown Cash (UC) on a daily basis. Both come with one-month validity and have their own benefits. Now the major question is whether to purchase PUBG Mobile Prime or Prime Plus subscriptions?

PUBG Mobile Prime:

In this subscription, the gamers get 5 UC daily for a month thus totaling to 150 UC in a month. Along with this, the users will also be able to buy specific items with Battle Points. However, these items will be available for a limited period of time usually 7 or 30 days.

The price of the PUBG Mobile Prime subscription has been set at Rs 79 for iOS and Rs 85 for Android users.

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus:

This comes with a lot more features than the other one. In this subscription, the gamers will get 20 UC daily for a month thus totaling to 600 UC in a month. Users can also buy specific items with BP permanently. In addition to this, you will get 10 RP daily, so you will end up with 200 RP too. You will also get a 50% off on your first classic crate purchase.

The price of the PUBG Mobile Prime Plus has been set at Rs 390 for the first month. Then from second month, Rs 850 per month on Android and Rs 799 per month on iOS.

The Conclusion:-

Now, let’s see if they are actually worth their price or you should buy the Royal pass instead. These subscriptions will get you discount on crates, skins and many more. Also, you can buy items using BP permanently.

We believe if you are a heavy user then Prime Plus would be a better option. Because you will get a lot more features than the Prime one. But if you don’t play PUBG Mobile regularly and still want some cool items to flaunt in front of your friends then you should for the Prime subscription.

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