PUBG Lite has been released in the starting of July month. PUBG lover those who have low-end PC can now play PUBG PC on their PC, with the lite version of PUBG PC. People love the company for this step. Initially, we have PUBG Lite for mobile now the same thing is with PUBG PC.

If you are a PUBG Mobile player then you might need to consider some changes. PUBG Lite for PC has identical game mechanism as of PUBG PC. For handling this you need to make changes in your game configuration. You have to face:

  1. High Gun recoils
  2. New Key Bindings
  3. New Game Mechanism
  4. Different looting patterns
  5. Some disabled features such as Auto Pickup, Aim Assist etc

So, for handling all the mentioned things you need to make some changes to your gameplay as we discussed above. So, we are going to provide a list of things that you can give a try.

Changes to be made in PUBG Lite

1. Healing items.

In PUBG Mobile you have healing prompt as well as the most suitable healing item. But, in the case of PUBG Lite PC, you need to manage all at your own. So for this, you need to click on the control settings and enter the UI option. Look for the left box in front of the Heal Items and press V. After this you’ll be able to use all the healing items.

2. Throwables

These types of weapon consist of grenades, molotov cocktail, smoke. These are useful in flanking the enemies and making a path through open fields. So, to use the throwable items by pressing a single button, click on the box in front of throwable items and press G.

3. Key Bindings

As we have discussed, you need to bind your keys perfectly for Awesome gameplay in PUBG Lite PC. There is no hard and fast rule which you need to follow. But, we will guide you with the best part for binding your keys. You should keep all your keys within this range.

PUBG PC Lite Key Binding

In the Image, this is the proper region to place all your keys for easy access to them. Yes, do include the F1, F2, F3 Keys.

4. Proper Sensitivity

In PUBG PC Lite, you need to have a proper sensitivity according to your mouse. To get the best sensitivity in PUBG Lite PC, just go to Training mode and tweak with the sensitivity option in Settings. After you find all things good. You need to practice this sensitivity. After a week you will surely master the sensitivity. Have your every game as CHICKEN DINNER.

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