Recently, Facebook controversy about its data-stealing has a hype which raises the same question on WhatsApp, whether it is doing the same or not. WhatsApp being a popular messaging Application this question is quite good as if it is taking some user’s unwanted data then it might be a concern.


But, WhatsApp has made clear that it did take some data from the users but just to improve its Ad serving experience and nothing more than that. Moreover, the messages are End-to-end protected.

Keeping this in mind we have collected some steps or tips which you can follow to make yourself safe, these were also given by Indian Army to their soldiers for improving security.

  1. Chinese numbers starting with +86 are barging into Indian Army groups made on WhatsApp and extracting data. So, beware of these type of number they might be problematic for you.
  2. Regularly check all the groups for any unwanted number’s presence.
  3. Always save group members as your contact to have a better security, this will help you to know if there is any sudden change in number.
  4. Stay away from any unauthorized/unknown numbers.
  5. If you wish to change your number then inform the group admin first.
  6. If you have changed your number on WhatsApp then destroy the earlier SIM and delete all WhatsApp data on that number.


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