PUBG Mobile vikendi map

The new season of PUBG mobile will be going to get launch on the 21st of March. It brings some amazing updates and fixes in this battle royal game. There have been reports stating upcoming features and improvements that would be made in the eSport. PUBG has confirmed that the company would release a new song after Season 6 starts.

The PUBG mobile season 6 kicks off with the new a new gun which will be the replacement of scar-l. this gun will be known as will be a gun will almost the same attachments.

Erangel and Miramar were the last remaining maps to get dynamic weather. After the Season 6 update, these two maps would be getting dynamic weather as well.

This season some new skins of m762 will be revealed. there will be some more new guns which will be exclusive for the Vikendi map.

The Sanhok exclusive vehicle would replace the Jeep, Dacia and Mini Bus in the green grass map.  A convertible car is also spotted in the video, which could be available for all maps.

In the Zombie mode, zombies would enter in a weakened state throughout the match. Previously, zombies would spawn during the night. The beta update also fixes a bug where in some areas zombies could not enter. And there might be some fixing in the bugs of the game like opening and closing of doors. With some new outfits,new avatar and new skins this season will also rock the gaming industry like the previous seasons.

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