Samsung Leaks
Samsung Leaks

February 20 is not so far. Samsung is going to launch its new flagship. This year we are going to have Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. This device will be a blast for the mobile industry. Prior to the release, there are several leaks of this device. These leaks give a clear vision of the look of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Leaks Images

Geek Bench Listing of Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Geek bench listing showcase the device performance. This listing leaks device hardware information. Ratings and score on the Geek bench clearly show the device is going to be a beast. Specification of the device has the main highlight of using Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Snapdragon 855 is the first chipset that will support 5G Modem. This will make Samsung the first company to give 5G devices in the market. This 5G thing is one of the great things from Galaxy S10.

List of exciting features for Galaxy S10

  1. The first device that will support 5G Modem.
  2. The first device with front camera in the display.
  3. 3D Sonic Sensor. This sensor is a new way of in display finger scanner.
  4. S10 X first device with 1TB Internal Storage.
  5. S10 X will have 10 GB of RAM.

3D Sonic Sensor From Qualcomm

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will be the first device from Samsung that will keep on improving by time. Samsung is implementing AI in this device that will learn your pattern of usage. According to this usage, the performance of the device will automatically be tuned. Consequently, providing a smoother performance in long term. This AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature is implemented by the name ‘Life Pattern’ mode

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Leaks

Along with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and S10 series, samsung is also going to release its very first folding device. This folding device is most awaiting device from samsung.

These are some leaks for this new beast. We are hoping that these listing will prove to be true in the future. Exact things will get more clear by February 20 or by new leaks. If these come to be true then honestly this device will be the most powerful device for this year.

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