Samsung Galaxy S10

OnePlus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S10 are some of the favorite flagship devices that people love to use. This time Samsung is up with some new concepts. These concepts surely encourage more to people to upgrade. Several Leaks and Rumors of Samsun S10 are there in the market.

According to leaks, Samsung is supposed to have a complete bezel-less design, punch hole camera model and a 3-D ultra Sonic Sensor. Most of the rumors about Samsung Galaxy S10 series are true. There will be three models for the Galaxy S10 series. Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and the Galaxy S10 E are on the list. This is the first time when we will see 3 models for a flagship device.

Some Leaks/Renders of Samsung Galaxy S10

These are some leaks that we have already posted on our website. Most of them are true. The sources of these leaks are somewhat accurate regarding their information.

What We are Getting With Samsung Galaxy S10’s?

There are a bunch of things which we are going to get with these flagships. All from latest hardware to latest software. The device is going to rock with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 5G support, a massive battery (4100mAh) in S10 Plus. There is a new thing that Samsung may be changing with these devices especially the top two models. The Display of the devices will now be much durable than the previous generations devices. Durable How? This time Samsung has implemented some new things with its display. This makes the display more flexible and durable. They have tested the display by dropping it from 4 feet and 6 feet of height recursively for 20 times.

Samsung has also implemented 3-D Ultra Sonic Sensor. This is a new technology from Qualcomm with next-generation finger Scanner. The Samsung Galaxy S10 device is packed with all the next generation stuff.

As we have there will be an “E” model for the device. What this E Stands for? This Question is not clear as of now. But this model is supposed to have a lower cost than the flagship ones. So, we are assuming it to End (End of Aggressive Pricing) or Economy or somewhat like that. This is what we can about the final Samsung S10 device Series. Rest will be clear from the tomorrows’ launch event. Samsung is not only going with Galaxy S10 devices but it will also showcase the first Foldable Device of the generation. This will be cool to see how a foldable device will look and how it will function.

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