Red Dead Redemption 2 ps4 exclusive

We recently learned that Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4-exclusive content will be available on Sony’s console 30 days early. But now we’ve gotten a look at what some of those items are. In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony revealed four pieces of content that PS4 players will receive. Which includes an outfit for protagonist Arthur Morgan and a special horse.

In addition to that, PS4 players will have early access to the Red Chestnut Arabian Horse, a special steed that’s “a class above most horses you would find in the wild”. They’ll also get the Alligator Skin Ranch Cutter Saddle, which bestows your horse with health and stamina boosts. As well as the High Roller Double Action Revolver.

All three of the aforementioned items will be available for PS4 players in Red Dead Online at launch, while the Grizzlies Outlaw Outfit will be available in both Red Dead Online and the main game. Red Dead Redemption 2 releases for PS4 and Xbox One on October 26. The game will be available in a number of different editions.

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