PlayerUnknown Battleground or popularly known as PUBG Mobile isn’t a game that’s easy in any way. There are a lot of players, and if you’re relatively a beginner at PUBG Mobile or battle-royale games in general, we have some great tips and tricks to help you score that chicken dinner. Here are few PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for the WINNER WINNER! — Chicken Dinner!

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for getting Chicken Dinner easily:

1. Turn on Peek and Fire

In Settings, go to Basic. Here, turn on ‘Peek & Fire.’ This allows you to peek from behind cover, allowing you to take shots without exposing too much of yourself. Keep in mind, you’ll still expose your head, so use it with caution.

2. Check if Aim Assist is On

Check that ‘Aim Assist’ is turned on for easier aiming. Aim assist is required on a touchscreen phone (usually) because aiming on a touchscreen isn’t nearly as accurate as aiming with a mouse is. A spot-on aim will help you take out enemies quicker and will also help in close-quarter-gunfights.

3. Enable The Left Side Fire Button

In Settings, go to Basic, enable the ‘left-side fire’ button to easily shoot with the left hand while aiming with the right. This is very handy in scoped shots. Without the left-side fire button, you’ll find yourself aiming and shooting with the same hand, which, believe me, is really difficult.

4. Adjust the Size and Position of Controls

Head over to Settings >> Controls >> Customize, and adjust the size and position of controls according to your needs. For example, I’ve made the grenade button a little larger to make it easier to tap, and I’ve shifted the left side fire button to where my left-thumb naturally lands, so I can shoot even faster.

* You can see the latest Map Update in PUBG Pc

5. More loot, Lower competition

  • School (Middle of the map, but often dangerous)
  • Severny (North of the map)
  • Pochinki (Middle of the map)

6. Play on the Edge

If you have a 4x or 8x scope, position yourself on the edge of the play zone. where the blue circle is the nearest to the white. This will give you a complete view of the play zone, while vastly reducing the chances that a player might be coming from behind you.

7. Don’t Go in Guns Blazing

If only two other people are left alive, keep hidden and let them fight it out, and then kill the remaining one player.

8.Hide Inside Vehicles

Sitting in the co-driver seat of a vehicle keeps it off, allowing you to hide inside without alerting other players to your presence. They’ll still be able to see you, but unless you parked your vehicle in the middle of the desert, there’s no reason for most players to suspect that a player may be sitting inside a vehicle and not driving it.

9. Heal Like a Pro

While healing, you can move for 0.5 seconds without cancelling the action. When in a hurry, start moving when there’s 0.5 seconds of the heal left, giving you a headstart. This comes in handy when the circle is closing up behind you and you need to run quickly, or when you’re taking a short healing-break in the midst of a firefight.

10. Don’t Stay Still, You’ll be a Sitting Duck

Staying still too long will make you easy pickings for a sniper; always keep moving, and take cover whenever you need to stop. The battleground in PUBG always has a bunch of players with snipers, and a lot of these players are good enough to take you out with a single head-shot. So keep moving.

These are some PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks that would help you to get Chicken Dinner. Hope you like these. Comment more of your tricks to have Chicken Dinner.
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