PUBG mobile season 4

The new season of PUBG mobile just launched today. It brings some amazing updates and fixes in this battle royal game. The PUBG mobile season 4 kicks off with the new M762 automatic rifle and a new vehicle in sanhok which is a scooter.

The new M762 automatic rifle is the newest only weapon that comes in-game and available across all maps. Rifle supports 7.62mm rounds and best in class. This rifle supports three firing modes: single, triple shot and full auto.

The Scooter is the new two-seater vehicle to come to Sanhok map. Apart from these updates, a new weather system is also there in sanhok map. The map now supports dynamic weather and it will cause the condition to switch between sunny, overcast and foggy at random. And the Hardcore mode in the arcade that poses a new challenge for the players. Players will have to battle it out without any aid, footsteps and audio clues. This mode will be available periodically in form of ‘Hardcore week’.

PUBG Mobile Season 4 MENU

PUBG mobile season 4 hardcore mode

Now there are also some improvements in matchmaking and chat system. The chat system is optimized and will now consume less RAM also keeping more messages. The front page of the shop is tuned to emphasize weapon finish themes. There are some new character faces and hairstyles. The update has also added 600 UC to Elite pass reward for players to purchase next season’s pass.

New redemption feature will be more amazing now. The Elite pass holders can now purchase discounted items with BP or RP points. In this PUBG Mobile season 4 mission cards can now tackle with harder missions.

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