The whole wide community of PUBG Mobile players is waiting for the release of  Sanhok Map. The season 3 is already out. Still, there is no sign of this PUBG Mobile sanhok map. The Sanhok map released in Chinese version 0.8.6 of PUBG mobile. This PUBG mobile version will release globally by the end of August or in mid-September.  PUBG Mobile Chinese version is approx of the size around 1.5 GB. some other things are also added in Chinese version.


Map and features:

  • The new rainforest map – Sanhok is open and available to match in the map section.
  • Added “Season Archive” feature, to view the data of previous seasons.

New Vehicles:

Bulletproof UAZ jeep and Muscle car will be there.

New Guns and Accessories:

  • Added the QBZ assault rifle, use 5.56mm bullets, randomly placed around Sanhok.
  • Added a flare gun to signal a super airdrop. A Bulletproof UAZ can be summoned outside the play zone, only in classic mode for a limited time.
  • Duckbill muzzle for the S1897 and S12K, which greatly reduces the vertical spread of shotgun bullets and increases horizontal spread.



Secret cave is the best location to get so much loot in  Sanhok Map. It is Located in the southern part of the Sanhok Map. The quality and quantity of weapons you get here is superb.

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