PUBG Mobile Banned

PUBG Mobile is the most popular Battle Royal Game. You all are quite familiar with this Game. If not then you might be living in some other world.

Games are great ways to chill and pass time. They give pleasure and provide some good time. Same is the case with PUBG Mobile. People are addicted to PUBG Due to their competitive nature. Unlike traditional games (Which has storyline), this provides a mixed feeling of Open world and Battle Experience.

PUBG Mobile comes under Battle Royal Games in which you have several Maps to choose from and you will drop in with several people on this virtual Map or World to get Winning Moments.

Recently we have seen several Banning on this Game. Before we get into this lets check the Advantages and Disadvantages of PUBG.

Advantages Of PUBG Mobile

1. Strategy

If we say that this Game is purely based on strategy. Then this would not be false. The strong your decision making is the more your can get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

2. Multitasking

No doubt you will learn an ability to do different tasks simultaneously. This is obvious as during the Game you have to take care of many things like Players, supplies, movements, etc.

Some more advantages are:

  1. Eyesight Improvement (If Played for one or two matches a day)
  2. Makes Mind Fresh
  3. Better Attention and Focus
  4. Interactive with others
  5. Better Color Recognition

Here in this, we are going to focus on the reasons why different Govt. are taking steps to limit the playing of PUBG Mobile.

Reasons For Banning As per Us

  1. Affect to studies
  2. Problem in Time Management
  3. Teenagers are stealing Money
  4. Teenagers are committing suicide

All these reasons are some common ones which you also have heard in the past few months. The first two can be ignored as they are not related to Human Values. But, the last two are some points onto which we must think about. Is the game is so powerful that we are stealing Money just to get a good phone to play PUBG Mobile? If we can’t get it from our parents we try to commit Suicides?

Recently, you might have heard that a child has demanded a costly phone just for playing PUBG. Somehow, his parents agrees to buy him a 20k smartphone still the child is not satisfied. He tries to commit a suicide just to get a costly Phone for PUBG Mobile.

Similar case is also there in which a teenager transfers money from his father’s account just to purchase some UC in PUBG to get premium crates?

These are some cases which we can recall right now. There are more like them.

PUBG Mobile Banned in Which Countries

Recently, Govt. of Nepal, Govt. of Gujrat and VIT, India Management has banned the usage of PUBG Mobile. Govt. are stating that due to PUBG students are not putting efforts on their studies which will directly affect the country. This statement is quite obvious. If the next generation cannot act as an asset then Country will not progress.

Keeping such bans in mind PUBG Developers has deployed a restriction of a maximum of 6 hours playable time per account. Moreover, you will too get notified for a rest after 2 hours of gameplay. If you play for 6 hours you get a 10 mins ban from the PUBG Mobile. Now, India might be banning this game as a complaint or request to ban this game has already been lodged.

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