During the PMCO(PUBG Mobile Final Club Open) finals 2019, Tencent Games announced the new version of Erangle i.e. Erangle 2.0. Map for mobile. Erangle 2.0 is already available for PC users but it will be a surprise for the mobile audience.

Erangel 2.0 coming to mobile soon!! from r/PUBGMobile

PUBG Mobile has also confirmed a partnership with popular TV series, The Walking Dead, and it is also confirmed that new story-based zombie mode is on the cards, although information is still very bleak.

There is special good news for the African players, as an African server will also going to launch. So from now onwards there will be no ping issues for them

Looking at the specification, we can clearly say that it can handle some AAA title games such as Battlefield and PUBG PC.

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