Mobile games are always something which helps us in our free time. Initially, games are meant for entertainment purposes only. Mobile games are evolving day by day. Mobile games are mainly derived from PC Games. Initially, PC games introduce the concept of Battle Royal. With PUBG Mobile, battle royale came to mobile games. This game revolutionizes the whole mobile gaming industry and put a new way of delivering the game.

PUBG Mobile was loved by many people and still has its trend among youngsters and streamers. But now we have Call of Duty Mobile by Activision and Tencent Gaming Buddy. Both have the same platform and genre. But there are some slight changes in COD Mobile over PUBG Mobile. This gives COD an upper edge over PUBG Mobile.


1. Grenades

In COD you will have an extra grenade as compared to PUBG Mobile. In COD there is a unique grenade that will explode in parts when thrown. Also, we have a Gas Grenade in Call of Duty Mobile.

2. Gun Mechanics

In COD you will get some good Gun mechanics. COD is known for this. Apart from this in COD, you will get all types of guns from Shotgun to Sniper Rifles. Magazine count may differ if compared to PUBG Mobile.

3. Vehicles

COD let you drive all type of vehicles which are in the game along with the helicopter. In PUBG Mobile you get a tank vehicle which is known as BRDM. You get the same in COD but it has a machine gun mounted on the top.

4. Skills

In PUBG Mobile you do not have any extra skills. With COD Mobile you can have some skills for your player as we have in Apex Legends. COD skills resemble Apex Legends skills. You have skills like Path Finder, Drone, Launcher, etc. These skills will help you during your gameplay and fight the enemies.

All these things bring Call of Duty Mobile on a separate plate. Surely, COD Mobile is unique in itself. One should try COD Mobile for once and I am sure he or she will get addicted.