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PUBG’s map is an atlas of danger and opportunity. Choosing where to land is a life or death decision. You can try to float to PUBG best loot spots and compete for gear. Take a more strategic approach, using the trajectory of the plane. This helps to predict quieter areas that will allow you to gear up in relative peace.

You should go into every drop with the knowledge that the density and quality of loot are variable. Luck will always factor into your run, but we’ve prioritized locations that should always guarantee a full squad’s worth of equipment.

If you’re looking for a quiet, low-risk start to the match, you could even use the below list of hotspots as places to avoid.

PUBG Best Loot Spots In Various Maps


Military Base:

The Military Base, on Erangel’s smaller, southern island, has the most consistent amount of high-quality, military-grade loot. Military grade means things like level 3 helmets and body armour, plentiful scopes and attachments, medical gear and assault rifles.

It’s almost always busy, but it’s so huge that your whole squad could loot it and not notice another one doing the same. Aim for the three long buildings in a U-shape for dense amounts of loot that’s easy to work your way through. If you can get here from a flight path that’s quite far away, say via a fast vehicle like a bike, then it’s an incredible place to loot in peace – but just be wary of “bridge trolls” waiting to ambush you on the way to the mainland.

Big Cities (Georgopol, Novorepnoye, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Rozhok)

All the major cities are filled with plenty of buildings. There is enough loot here that will easily suffice for your whole squad. You might have to search a little bit for the best loot but it’s easily doable. If the major cities fall well within the plane range it is sure to attract plenty of other players, however.

Places like Georgpol and Novorepnoye will give you some of the best loot in the shortest time. Flare guns are common to both these places and all the loot can easily be spotted. The main problem is that many people usually jump down to these places due to the sheer amount of good loot that can be found there. So if you are not a fan of heavy combat during the early stages of the game you might wanna skip looting the big cities.

Underground Bunkers

A set of winding and intertwined underground bunkers buried beneath a hill, the military tunnels are quick and easy to loot, but very popular. Usually overflowing with assault rifles and armour, the bunkers are incredibly hazardous thanks to the wealth of choke points and narrow tunnels, most of which have no cover. Consider setting up an ambush at the end of a tunnel if you hear footsteps.

PUBG Best Loot Spots in Miramar


Miramar is home to some of the most impressive cityscapes yet released in PUBG, but one of the best places to drop is a tiny little industrial hamlet right in the middle of the map. Pecado is located northwest of Los Leones (right along a crusty mountainous ridge), and if you land on top of the abandoned boxing arena, you can easily drop through the roof and pick up a boatload of level-three gear early. Better yet, the central location means you’re pretty much guaranteed to be in the first circle. As the meta shakes out, perhaps Pecado will shape itself into an early-game bloodbath, but right now it feels distinctly overlooked compared to the other hotspots.

 Campo Militar

Located on the top right-hand corner of the Miramar map on PUBG Mobile, Campo Militar is not a spot in everyone’s sight and you’ll meet pretty much no opposition here. More good news: It’s a huge complex with a lot of loot. If you drop to this location, all the buildings will be yours to loot. But make sure you find a vehicle first since Campo Militar is usually outside the first circle.


Impala will almost always have really good loot. The place is a mixture of big buildings, small houses, factories, and warehouses — all of which will assure you good loot. Since it is located on the Eastern extreme of the map, you will not see much opposition unless it falls on the flight path. Players do tend to come here when it’s on the flight path.

These are some PUBG Best Loot places. These places on the various map will give you some of the good loot.

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