If there’s a singular trend to point to for phones in 2018. It’s the effort to cram as much screen into a device as possible. Oppo Find X, which is being officially announced in Paris today, combines a number of trendy design ideas, plus some even newer tricks, to fit an extremely large 6.4-inch display into a phone that you can still hold in one hand. The Find X’s design is so space efficient that Oppo claims it has a screen to body ratio of 92.25%. And it does this without utilizing a notch, which should make at least some people happy.

Oppo Find X Screenshots

Oppo Find X Phone


The most interesting aspect of the Find X’s design is its camera system, which is completely hidden when the phone is off or the camera app is closed. When you turn the Find X on and open the camera app, the entire top section of the phone motorizes up and reveals a 25-megapixel front-facing camera, 3D facial scanning system, and 16-megapixel + 20-megapixel dual rear camera. Close the camera app and the whole assembly motors back into the phone’s chassis. Oppo says the camera can open in just 0.5 seconds, and based on my experience, that seems fairly accurate.

Oppo Find X looks very similar to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, thanks to its curved sides and rounded corners. Its display is a vibrant OLED panel with 1080 pixel wide resolution, and both the front and back of the phone feature curved glass.

The Oppo Find X does not have any sort of fingerprint authentication system, whether a traditional scanning pad or an under-screen system like the Nex. Instead, the phone uses a 3D facial scanner, housed in that pop-up camera assembly, for biometric authentication. Turn the phone on, swipe up on the lock screen, and the top of the phone will motor up, authenticate your face, and unlock the phone.


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