OnePlus devices are one of the popular devices. This year OnePlus is going to release OnePlus 7. This device will be the best from OnePlus as of now. We have seen many leaks rumours regarding this device. The clear image can only be seen after the image. Though we have concluded some of the points regarding design and overall look of the device.

On our website, we have covered some leaks and renders of OnePlus 7 such as; slider camera, IP certification, No notch etc. In this section, we will talk about the practical possibility of these leaks and renders.

Practicality of OnePlus 7 Leaks and Renders

As we know OnePlus 7 is the premium device from OnePlus. These devices tend to have a long life (if handled carefully), in such case, the implementation of the slider is not a practical thing. Slider Camera is a moving mechanical part. And we are aware that by the course of time moving parts get loose its functionality. Keeping this in mind, OnePlus might not implement Slider camera in OnePlus 7.

As we know Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is the latest chip out there. So, we will surely see 855 rocking on this device too. What’s new in this chip? OnePlus will implement in-display finger scanner. So, we are hoping that it will 70-80% will use 3-D Ultra Sonic In-Display Finger Scanner. We are that much sure because Samsung is confirmed to have 3D Ultra Sonic In-Display Finger Scanner. This point is hitting our mind that OnePlus will also do the same.

This time we will surely see an Official IP certification. This is because last time in OnePlus 6 and 6T we have a sort of waterproof thing. But this is not officially stated. Hence this time we are hoping it to be officially announced.

About Notch, we are not sure what to say. Though according to the trend we are hoping to OnePlus to go along Punch-Hole Design. This design will look great on the complete bezel-less design of OnePlus 7.

About 5G, people are not sure. But Snapdragon 855 has native support for this. So, the device will surely have 5G support. The thing is that countries like India where 5G is still expanding. In these countries, 5G support might not be a great deal.

Apart from all the leaks and render, OnePlus 7 is still a device worth having.

That’s all for as of now, as we came across more things. We will update those in this article. Comment your favourite thing about OnePlus 7. What are your expectations? What are those new things that you want OnePlus to implement in their devices?

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