nokia 9 pureview

Recently, we have seen several devices with many cameras. Initially, we have only one rear camera then we get a dual rear camera and this number keep on increasing. We have seen Samsung A7 2018 edition having Triple Rear camera. Lenovo is planning to release a smartphone with 4 (four) rear camera. And finally, we are going to have five camera smartphone. Nokia 9 Pureview will be the first Nokia 5 camera phone. As said before Android Phones specifications having nothing new to provide. So, manufacturers are working on the rest of specification like Camera, Battery, RAM etc. Nokia is hoping to have some good results with this smartphone launch.

Nokia with this Smartphone launch is hoping to get someplace in the market. The lenses which are used in Nokia 5 camera phone are from Leica and Nokia Light. These cameras will be going to provide some special camera shots. Specifications of each camera lenses are:

  1. One camera lens will be a regular sensor.
  2. One will be your depth sensor which will provide Bokeh shots.
  3. One sensor will be a wide-angle sensor.
  4. One will be a telephoto lens
  5. The remaining lens does not have any clearance about the sensor.



HMD has two events scheduled. Based on the frequency and level of detail of recent leaks, we’re pretty sure we’ll see the Nokia 7.1 Plus later this week (October 4), which leaves the October 11 event as a potential venue for the PureView rebirth.

Rest specification of Nokia 9 Pureview or Nokia’s Five camera Phone:

  1. Processor: Snapdragon 845
  2. RAM: 6 and 8 GB
  3. Storage: 64 to 128 GB
  4. Display: No clarification is there though it will have a 5.8 to 6.2 inch display.
  5. Battery: 3500 mAh
  6. Cameras are discussed in detailed earlier

On October 11, Nokia is going to launch the device. Nokia 9 PureView information is based on leaks and rumors. Specifications of Nokia 9 PureView will arrive on October 11.

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