Android Q features

Android is the most used Mobile OS from Google. Last year we had Android P (9.0) which comes with a lot of improvements. We clearly know that last year Android P is a great success. Though many devices are still waiting to get it. This year Google will be coming with a more improved version known as Android Q. Android Q features list has some good things. These things are surely going to calm us. Some daily activities are also kept in mind.

Android Q Features List

1. Dark Mode

Android Q Dark Mode

Android Q is going to have some improvements in the dark mode. In this latest build, you can force the device to maintain the dark mode. What this means is that Apps that do not have any dark mode support will be forced to the dark theme. This makes the content of the App all Black.

“All Apps will have Dark Mode by Default”

2. Native Font Support

Android Q Features Of Fonts

We all know that Android does not support any fonts customization. But, in this build, we can set our fonts style by default. This means we do not have to root our devices to get some fancy Texts. Android Q will support font selection by default.

“Default Font Customization In Android”

3. Ascent Color Customization

Ascent Colors in Android Q

From this year Google is focusing to give some freedom to the stock Android Users. Consequently, giving the users to change the ascent colour of the OS. This feature will allow users to change the default Blue ascent of the Android. Customization are the best part of Android Q Features list.

Change Default Blue Ascent in Android”

4. Native Screen Recording

Screen Recording

In this version of Android, you will get a native option to record your screen. Users always wants a feature like this to be introduced. And now Google is finally going to include such a good feature in the latest Android build.

No third party app required now for Screen Recording”

5. Advance Permissions

Advance Permission

In this Google is giving users more power on their devices. In Android Q, people can set different type of permissions for an App. Depending on the scenario user can choose what suits them. This selection can be made on the first time App asked for the permission. Hence, giving more control over permissions.

More Control Over Permissions”

6. New Clipboard Permission

Clipboard permission in Android Q

With this new Android Q, Google is introducing new permission. This permission will also users to share the clipboard content with other apps. This permission is included to improve security. Sometimes people copy the passwords onto their clipboards to use it somewhere else. In this, any app can access the clipboard as clipboard is accessible by default.. Hence making your security vulnerable. This thing is being controlled by this new “Clipboard Permission”. By this, any running cannot access the clipboard if you haven’t provided the permission to do so.

“New Clipboard Permission”

7. Android Desktop Mode

Desktop Mode In Android Q

We have already seen Samsung provide Desktop Mode. Samsung has given it a name as Samsung Dex. In this, your phone content can be easily viewed on the monitor screen. So, the similar thing is also coming to stock Android Q. Google is also going to provide a Desktop mode that will work in almost the same way as that of Samsung Dex. As it is Google so we are hoping something great from it.

New Desktop Mode”

So these are some Android Q features that you should know. These are features that you may want in your device from the stock. Comment your Android favourite feature that you like the most in your device. Apart from these Android Q will also have new emoji packs and minor tweaks in performance. Hence we can say that Android Q will be the best from Google for his year.

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