Galaxy Note 10

Leaks and renders are always something that predefines the upcoming devices. We have posted some great Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks that you should have a look at. We are merely few days left when Note 10 will be revealed by Samsung.

Before the Official showcase, we have some case renders. These cases show that devices might be available in Aura Blue and Aura red colours. We think everything might get disclosed early to the release. We don’t think there will be left so much by which Samsung can surprise us.

These time cases are a type of fancy and full of new features. Actually, Note 10 must be the most advanced device out there. Hence the cases to need to hold the reputation. There are two types of rendered cover, one is LED cover having shimmering LED lights and another one is regular view cover. View cover has information glass at the edge. This is something new that we can see on NOTE 10.