Sun. Sep 23rd, 2018

Moto G5s Plus Camera Update

Moto G5s Plus

Recently, Motorola has released updates for many of its devices. These updates include Android System Update to Android Oreo, bug fixes, and Android Security patch.
So in this series, yesterday Motorola has released an update of 205 MB in size for its newly launched Moto G5s Plus.
This Update includes : –
1. Android Security Patch of 1st December 2017
2. Bug fixes.
3. Camera Updates.
4. Optimised Thermal settings.

*After this Update Camera performance has been improved drastically.The time taken during depth enabled processing has been reduced and quality is improved to a good level.

Moto G5s Plus

-> Android Security Patch of 1st December 2017

Moto G5s Plus

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