MWC 2019

MWC the most popular Mobile event. This event showcases some of the best mobile updates. This year Mobile World Congress comes with some of the new updates from different Companies. This Event held from 25 Feb to 28 Feb. We have come up with day wise analysis of the whole Event. Here we will list major highlights of each day.

Day 1 At MWC 2019

OnePlus 5G at MWC

Day 1 at MWC starts on 25 FEB, all mobile companies are ready to showcase some of their eye-catching stuff. On the first day, we think OnePlus is the main highlight. Everyone nowadays moving towards 5G connection. In relation to this, OnePlus showcase OnePlus 5G device. They showcase the new modem 5G on their device using Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Everyone is hoping OnePlus 7 to be presented from OnePlus, but we had OnPlus 5G. This would because OnePlus is rumored to have 5G connectivity. Hence they just showcase their 5G device to the world at mwc 2019.

Day 2 At MWC 2019

HoloLens 2 At MWC 2019

On 26 FEB at MWC, Microsoft takes the lead. They have launched or announced their own VR glasses. These VR glasses are called as HOLO Lens 2. They also claim that these are more comfortable and high in performance. This VR is kind of Holographic viewer. HoloLens 2 will come with a selection of software suites from Microsoft and its partners in a bid to make the system more cost effective for enterprises.

Day 3 At Mobile World Congress 2019

On 27 FEB at MWC, everyone is more concerned with the 5G spectrum. They are focusing on spreading the 5G connection to while world. In contrast, German Car companies like BMW and Daimler are trying to connect the cities more efficiently. Though they are focusing the connected cities. What they had planned is to provide people with better transport options. They had planned to give people nice pleasant transportation without the need to have a car.

Day 4 At MWC 2019

Honor At MWC

On this day we think Honor might be the focus. Honor unveiled its Gaming+ technology, which it said delivers faster speeds, better image quality, and higher definition mobile gaming to its View 20 smartphone. This is a great thing that we will be going to have a better gaming experience on Honor devices.

This time all the companies are mainly focusing the new Modem i.e. 5G. Their launch is mainly cornered to 5G connectivity. In this common race, the above mentioned are some new things that we saw in Mobile World Congress 2019. These might be something that would make a change. Though, all the companies are good with their presentations. But these are some new things that we have seen in MWC 2019.

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Later on, we are will uploading a list of Smartphone devices that are launched in MWC 2019 event. These smartphones are based on some of the new and unique concepts. Some are Foldable, long and what not. So just stay connected with us. We will publish the same tomorrow.

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