Microsoft Project Scarlett

Microsoft announced the next generation Xbox console at ongoing E3 2019 conference. The conference is taking place in LA, US and will end on June 14. The new console does’t have any name yet but it is so called with ‘Project Scarlett’.

Microsoft gave more details about the console’s processor, graphics, power consumption and more. In the event, Microsoft said that “Project Scarlett will be powered by an AMD branded Zen 2 chip. It will be able to give framerate of up to 120fps. The console will be having 8K resolution support. It will also have an SSD (Solid State Drive) with GDDR6 RAM for faster loading of games. Executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft said: “A console should be built and optimized for one thing and one thing only, Gaming.” during the company’s presentation.

It was also mentioned that Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox gaming console will arrive with Halo Infinite. There’s no actual launch date yet but the device is expected to hit the shelves by next year. That’s all about the ‘Project Scarlett’ from Microsoft at E3 2019.

Google also launched its new service called ‘Google Stadia‘ cloud-based gaming service. Check out some of the games that will be available on this service.

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