There are no viruses on the android phone. in reality, there is malware which makes the smartphone lag or lowers the speed of its working. In lamen language the malware is termed as viruses for a smartphone. Actually, the term virus is basically used for machines like laptops and computers.

As in general there is no way to find out that if there is a virus in your phone or not. But by noticing some points you can find this out. Like –

  • Heating -if your phone is getting heat up, but you are not using it that much.
  • Mobile data – when your mobile is using mobile data more than your general consumption.
  • Unidentified apps – if you notice any app, which is not installed by you.

If you find these signs in your phone that there might be a virus.

There is no Antivirus for mobile phones. Some app on play store claims to find or remove a virus on phone. But these are the apps which make your phone buggy as they use a lot of RAM which decreases the speed of mobile.

We are focusing on the virus part so much because it not only makes your phone buggy, sometimes it stole your data. your data is very precious as it does not seem a big deal but by using your data whole election campaigns are manipulated. So always be aware of your stuff.

and if there is a virus phone there is no need to be panic first try to format if that doesn’t work take your smartphone to the service center and your work will be done in some hours.

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