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We are focusing on getting candidates who can be a part of our journey in building the reader base.

One of the major reponsobility the canidate has to bear is, he or she must provide some great high quality content to our readers, and be a part of our company.


  1. 1 year of experience in writing for technology blogs or have been publishing articles on one’s own blog.
  2. Should have decent knowledge of English Language
  3. Must explain things in a better way.
  4. Candidate must be passionate about trying new technology and apps etc.
  5. This is most important, he or she has to keep an eye on the latest things happening in technology or on Internet.


  1. Great work environment with like-minded, passionate and enthusiastic people.
  2. Play a significant part in the team given company’s early stage growth.

How to Apply:-

  1. Prepare an article on the latest stuff happening on the Internet
  2. Email Us your article at
  3. If we find your article that will be really helpful for our viewers, we will email back for furthur proceedings
Location:New Delhi, India