“Approximately 50 percent people agreed that they check their phone more often than they would like and nearly 44 % felt compelled to perpetually check their phones. India figures at the top with 65 % and 57 % respectively,” the study found

Almost 33% of people from younger generation that grow up in this digital world do care more about their smartphones insted of engaging with individuals they really love and India tops the list with 47 %,according to a report published on Saturday.


According to the study conducted by multi-national smartphone company Motorola, in partnership with Nancy Etcoff — expert in ‘Mind-Brain Behaviour and the Science of Happiness’, from Harvard University, Pretty Excited, She said: “We, as a generation, are losing control of our lives.” and we do agree with this she is pretty damn true.

HTC smartphone

The global numbers stand at 61 percent where individuals said they wanted to get the most out of their lives when they were not using their phones.

Motorola defines phone-life balance as the desire to have a technology to support lives without becoming the center of it.
“India stands at the top in emotional over dependence of phone with 77 % of respondents admitting that they panic when they lose their phone,” the study said.

Even while not using their smartphones, 46 percent Indians were thinking about using it the next time that they get a chance to check their devices.So, are you also addicted alot to phone? Tell us in comment below.