Mother Goose’s Untold Tales

iOS is an Apple OS. iOS is a mixture of several Application and Games. We all love games. Since we all have mobile devices with us. It is obvious that we all play games on it. We have our favourite game on our devices. These games help us to kill time and boredom. If we search for an iOS game to download we have few games to download. Some games also require an Internet connection to play. Which is not likeable. So we have an iOS Game that you can give it a try. This game would help you to get your time passed.


iOS Game : Mother Goose’s Untold Tales by Domini Games

This is a unique game that complies festival mode with quest hunting. This game mainly focuses on Christmas theme and some fairy tale characters. Christmas spirit games mother goose collector’s edition in which you have to search for some hidden objects and solve some mystery puzzle with an exciting storyline and get into the Christmas spirit, this game is available on both ios and android. It’s very smooth on the iOS device and gives a very realistic feel to game puzzles.


iOS Download Domini Games
Game Screen

This game provides you with smooth cartoonist gameplay. This game consist of many magical puzzles that you have to solve while you progress. Clearly, we have tried this game and it’s not the same as conventional hidden object games. You can clearly have it in your iOS Game Download list.

This game is note only available for iOS platform but also you can have this game on you Android device also. This game is also available on Google Play Store alongwith Apple Store.

This The Christmas Spirit: Mother Goose’s Untold Tales is around 1.6 GB in size for Android. This huge size might worry you but you should give it a try. Download links to this game for Android and iOS are given below.

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