Worldwide most popular photo sharing application, Instagram is improving themselves and actively adding new features to their application. According to recent reports, Instagram app soon get voice and video calling feature. While this is not confirmed when this feature will actually arrive in an application package.


Report from website TechCrunch further mentioned that an Instagram spokesperson refused to make any comment on the latest rumor.


In January, it was reported that a video call button was spotted so there might be some substance to these latest set of leaks.Instagram recently launched the Giphy GIF sharing feature which too was spotted in an APK sometime last year.



As we all Know Instagram is a little bit behind from his rival, but With the voice and video calling feature, Instagram could give competition to its biggest rival Snapchat. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing Instagram app lets users send a Live Video invitation to friends using the Instagram ‘Direct’ feature. All they need to do is to tap on the Direct icon. They can send Live Videos they are watching or creating, to users.