Instagram will let you send voice messages

In the new update Instagram added voice messaging feature to its Direct messages. If you download the new update which is rolled out across all the devices. You will see a little microphone at the bottom of your direct messaging service.

Press this and you’ll be able to record a nice little message for your friends. Or, you know, scream obscenities at your enemies. It’s up to you. Snapchat already has this ability, so it was obvious that Instagram would follow suit at some point.

Instagram Voice Messaging

Instagram’s a little late to the game with bringing voice messages to DMs.  Its parent company Facebook has had a voice messaging feature in its Messenger platform for years. Voice messages are quickly becoming the preferred method of communication on messaging platforms like WeChat and WhatsApp. Today’s addition may be a welcome feature for some users. Alternately, voice messages could be another sign of the “end of Instagram” as it becomes over-cluttered with Facebook’s own features.

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