Just like other Image sharing app like Snapchat, Instagram is rolling out the same new update, but sure we aren’t gonna love the one! 😶😫


This new feature, that alert people when someone take screenshot or screen recording from someone’s disappearing story. There were lots of feature earlier that Instagram was going to throw, but they turned out to experiment these before actual publishing to End User.

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This time, it’s real deal, with Instagram they are rolling it out within next update.😫

Also, Instagram is testing out their new feature of “Regram” just like similiar to Other social that is Facebook and Twitter’s Re-Tweet.

This Let users to share public feed post from other users to their story.

How User get notified and How to stop it?

As someone took Screen shot, Instagram grassing you up by sticking a star shaped icon next to your handle everytime you take a screenshot, If you received update Instagram, you would see a one time warning message alerting you that your screenshots will be exposed to other user’s story.😯

But, No Worries!!,😌 Some people on twitter suggests that setting you phone to airplane or flight mode while taking a screenshot won’t set off the app’s warning.

But, Next time you go to take a screenshot of your friends’ or crush Instagram story, think twice. 😏😏