Apple In Display Fingerprint

We might think Apple is ahead in Research and Development. But this NEWS made us think upon this claim. Android being ahead in giving In-Display Fingerprint scanner. Now, we are hearing that Apple will be going to give In-Display Touch ID incoming Apple devices in 2021. Obviously, they are iPhones.

We all know that from iPhone X, Apple discontinued its touch ID. Now, they are coming back with Touch ID. But this time it is slightly different. Touch ID will be present under the display just like we have in Android Devices. This confirmation is from the popular Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. So, we are quite sure that this will happen. Also, its the demand of the future. Users are fond of using an under-display fingerprint. So, Apple is going with the flow of demand.

Apple In Display Touch ID

Apple is going with the flow but the deadline might be too long. Ming-Chi Kuo said that iPhones coming in 2021 will be coming with Face ID as well as In-Display fingerprint. Before implementing this feature, Apple needs to overcome some of the restrictions. They need to look for Power consumption, Spacing to place Touch ID, lamination thing, module thickness etc. Apple will likely use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint technology when the time is right and by then, it should be working as intended.

Ming-Chi Kuo also adds up in his statement that Apple watch might be coupled with this tech for extra security.