Huawei Laptop Matebook Pro x

Huawei had planned to launch a new window laptop at the CES Asia 2019 this week in Shanghai. But due to the ongoing Trade war between US and China, the plan has to stop. Because due to the dispute Microsoft refuses to give them access of Window’s Processor and Intel Processors.

This one of the first change in the program of China’s Tech giant since the US blocked the company’s access to American technology. So far, it hasn’t canceled smartphone release plans. The company’s founder Ren Zhengfei has said in media interviews that Huawei is well-prepared thanks to its years-long efforts to develop its own technologies.

There is no News of this laptop to coming in light. But it will definitely speed up the work of MateBook. Huawei updated about MateBook X pro line in February. In the CES January MateBook13 was introduced.

According to the reports of Digitmes, Huawei had ordered to halt the production of laptops and computers.

US sanction has affected China’s tech giant quite severely. The electronics business of the company has generated almost half of the total revenue i.e. $107 Billion. It mostly consists of smartphones and laptops. Still, Huawei was expecting the PC business to turn profitable this year on the continued growth of its MateBook line. Which has received good reviews since its 2017 debut. 

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